Outdoor Education at Brighton Primary

Learning Area 3 Natural Play Space

As many people may have noticed the Area 3 natural play space behind the LA3 building has come together swiftly with the help of some skilled tradesmen. A huge thankyou to Brett White,  a father of two students at our school, along with two of his carpenters (Brett White Carpentry and Construction  brettwhiteconstruction.com.au), for donating a day of their time to construct the amazing ‘Troll Bridge’, as some students have named it. The bridge not only looks amazing,, it will  also continually challenge students’ gross motor skills and balance as they carry water back to the mud kitchen.

The final phase of construction is a double metal drum created from a recycled LPG cylinder. Along with the xylophone that has also been constructed, it will give children another tool to experiment with sound.

The area has been immensely popular and will continue to provide opportunities for children to create, imagine and cooperate in this “happy space”, as one parent has referred to it. Children have enjoyed the inclusion of water in this which provides another source for discovery, exploration and problem solving.


City of Holdfast Bay Council Support

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Holdfast Bay for their continual support in creating a sustainable school with close ties to its local community. So far they have supported our school with grants and advice to construct the produce garden, redesign our waste management and, most recently, a “Greening our Community” grant for $4200 whichenabled us to complete the area three Natural Play Space.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with the wonderful staff of our local council and thank them again for their support.


The Garden is in its transitional phase from summer to winter and students have been working hard this week to prepare beds. They have particularly enjoyed, the experience of locating every single bug to collect and examine.

Feedback from the summer crop of garden produce has been extremely positive, with many families experiencing, for the first time, some of the unusual, but tasty, heirloom vegetables, such as spaghetti squash, lemon apple cucumbers and the yellow pear tomatoes. The Wednesday markets will slow down for a while but will hopefully be back in business mid way through next term.






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